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Sisters of the Holy Cross
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Date:May 10, 2011 

Sisters of the Holy Cross mark jubilees

Notre Dame, Ind. — Thirty-five Sisters of the Holy Cross will celebrate their jubilee years in Holy Cross on July 17, 2011, in the Church of Our Lady of Loretto at Saint Mary’s. Two sisters are celebrating 75 years since their first profession; 20 are celebrating 60 years; 12 are marking 50 years; and one is celebrating 25 years — a collective 1,975 years of vowed life in the congregation.

First Profession 1936 (75 Years)
Sister M. Carmelita Morales
Sister Mary Romanus Smith

First Profession 1951 (60 Years)

Sister Michael Marie Williamson
Sister M. Helen Anthony Kieszkowski
Sister Marilyn Reiser (Sister M. Demetria)
Sister M. Timothea Kingston
Sister M. Jane Frances Reus
Sister Virginia Marie MacNeil (Sister M. Jean Pierre)
Sister Anna Louise Neuland (Sister Richard Marie)
Sister Vivian Mary Mastromatteo (Sister Michael Anthony)
Sister Kathryn Callahan (Sister M. Blanche)
Sister M. Emily Demuth
Sister Joseph Mary Hoess
Sister M. Edward Ann Wetzel
Sister Loretta Marie Valdes
Sister M. Albertine Kramer
Sister Patricia Mulvaney (Sister M. Peter James)
Sister Mary Jean Klene (Sister Zita Marie)
Sister Amalia Marie Rios
Sister Colette Marie Lang
Sister Martha Ann Norwood
Sister M. Cecilia Ann Kelly

First Profession 1961 (50 Years)
Sister M. Adria Connors
Sister Nora Gurnett (Sister M. Vincetta)
Sister Marjorie Ann Manning (Sister Gertrude Marie)
Sister Louise Marie Andree (Sister M. Noemi)
Sister Mary Louise Wahler (Sister Gertrude Mary)
Sister Mary Elizabeth Bednarek (Sister M. Benjamin)
Sister Rachel Anne Callahan (Sister M. Marie Paschal)
Sister Jeanette Fettig (Sister Miriam Robert)
Sister Rita Bray (Sister M. Celestyn)
Sister Bernadette Mulick (Sister M. Francetta)
Sister M. Patrice McGee
Sister Judith Ann Murphy (Sister Miriam Elaine)

First Profession 1986 (25 Years)
Sister Dipali Helena D'Costa


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Founded in 1841 in Le Mans, France, the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross is an international community of women religious whose generalate is located in Notre Dame, Ind. The congregation numbers approximately 450 members worldwide who serve in Bangladesh, Brazil, Ghana, India, Mexico, Peru, Uganda and the United States. Sisters of the Holy Cross are called to participate in the prophetic mission of Jesus to witness God’s love for all creation. Their ministries focus on providing education and health care services, eradicating material poverty, ending gender discrimination, and promoting just, mutual relationships among people, countries and the entire Earth community.

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