A number of children who attend Our Lady of Holy Cross School responded to God's call through baptism in Barakathal, India. The school is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Holy Cross.

We bloom where we are planted

By Sister Ribha Mynsong, CSC

I give thanks to God for working with us and using us to show his love and to touch the lives of those in Tripura, Barakathal, India. We are instruments of God through our presence here as we teach, share with and listen to the people of Tripura.

On November 5, Father Binoy John, CSC, from St. Andre Parish, baptized 11 girls who live in the new hostel at Our Lady of Holy Cross School, a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Holy Cross. Four others from the village also were baptized and eight students received the body and blood of Christ in holy Communion for the first time. With the help and support of local community members, the day was beautiful and meaningful.

Through the sisters’ guidance in the school and hostel, as well as their ministry and work in the community, the children were inspired. The girls made the choice to imitate the life of Christ more closely by receiving new life through baptism and first Communion. These children were not from Christian or Catholic family backgrounds, but from families of Hindu faith, and eager to know more about God. With full support and encouragement from their parents, and a deep desire to follow Jesus and grow more in knowing God, these children responded to God’s call through baptism in the Catholic Church. We thank their parents and pray for them.

Let us continue to help these children grow in grace, in faith and in their love for God and others. We pray that they will have the desire to know more about God and be an example for others with their lives.

    We thank Sister Renuka Pegu, CSC, who arranged and taught catechetical classes. We appreciate the constant prayers and support from our sisters around the world for the mission here in Tripura. We have seen the fruit of the Spirit, but there is much more to be done here for God’s glory.

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