Sister Angelica Birungi, CSC, director of Kyembogo Holy Cross Health Unit today, dispenses food and medicine to members of the community during home visits.

On a firm foundation

50th anniversary of ministry in Uganda celebrates the sisters’ mission—past, present and future
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Ministries continue

In 1998, the Congregation founded the Kyembogo Holy Cross Health Centre, where sisters offered primary health services and taught literacy courses, craftwork and other income-generating skills to local women. Today, the women’s development program, girded by the early leadership of Sisters Edward Ann and Mary Ann Uebbing, CSC, continues to provide support and benefit to the village through the uniform project, whereby local women make school uniforms for students attending schools in the district.

The work at the health center ballooned, and in 2001, the Congregation opened the expanded and renamed Holy Cross Family Centre, which currently includes the Kyembogo Holy Cross Health Unit, the uniform program, and Moreau Primary School.

Under the development and direction of Sisters Angelica, Mary De Nardis and Elizabeth Tusiime, CSC, the health unit broadened its health services offerings. Today, residents can receive AIDS and HIV education, counseling and treatment, as well as maternity, prenatal, outpatient, laboratory and home care services. Ugandan Sister Daisy Kabuleeta, CSC, the center’s administrator and finance director, is pleased with the successes of the center, the community and the Congregation, and is eager to forge ahead. “We have touched and saved many lives,” she said. “We hope to expand the center and services at the clinic, especially services such as immunizations, health education in the schools, and antenatal care.”

In 2008, the vision for the Holy Cross Family Centre was completed with the opening of the Moreau Nursery School. The school, now called Moreau Primary School, enrolls 364 students. Distance prevents some families from sending their children to the school, and in response to that need, the Congregation hopes to build dormitories to house students from distant locales. “It has been a joy for me serving the people of God in this area,” said Sister Daisy.

Looking forward, the Sisters of the Holy Cross in Uganda anticipate the next 50 years of ministry secured by hope and the example of their predecessors. “The sisters who came before us offer us their wisdom and experience and challenge us,” said Sister Jacinta. “We are able to stand on their shoulders, and as we go forward, there will be others who will need our shoulders to stand on. I ask myself, ‘What kind of foundation am I building for those who come after me?’ They deserve a strong foundation.” 

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