General Leadership Team 
The General Leadership Team, left to right: Sisters Angela Golapi Palma, Suzanne Brennan, M. Veronique (Wiedower), Brenda Cousins and Sharlet Ann Wagner

Statement in support of Archbishop Tobin and Syrian refugees

We, the General Leadership Team of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, support the prayerful, compassionate action of Indianapolis Archbishop Joseph Tobin to help resettle a Syrian refugee family in Indiana. In this season of Advent hope, we stand with the archbishop and Catholic Charities in their efforts to share the love of Christ by welcoming and caring for the stranger in our midst. We pray for continued courage for those who seek the good of all humanity, for safe refuge for the Syrian family now calling Indiana home, and for the peace of Christ to dwell in the hearts of all.

The General Leadership Team of the Sisters of the Holy Cross
          Sister M. Veronique (Wiedower), CSC, President
          Sister Sharlet Ann Wagner, CSC, First Councilor
          Sister Angela Golapi Palma, CSC, Councilor
          Sister Brenda Cousins, CSC, General Secretary
          Sister Suzanne Brennan, CSC, General Treasurer

December 9, 2015

In solidarity with our Syrian brothers and sisters, the leaders of the four Congregations of Holy Cross sisters, brothers and priests issued a joint statement on the Syrian refugee crisis, calling for a more rigorous response for the protection and resettlement of international refugees, and a peaceful resolution to the Syrian conflict.


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