Ways You Can Give

Our Lady of Holy Cross School in Kasoa, Ghana, is supported by Ministry With the Poor funds.

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When you, our donor, make a gift, feel free to express your wishes for the use of your gift. However, please be advised that in order to ensure that you will be entitled to a federal income tax deduction for donations to our sisters or our ministries in other countries, the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross is required by Internal Revenue Service rulings to retain full authority over the assets granted to it and cannot accept gifts that are required by the donor to be paid to, or to be used only to further the work of a specific sister or that are required to be used overseas by our sisters or another foreign charity or religious institute. Contributions from U.S. corporations are subject to a domestic use restriction.

The Sisters of the Holy Cross always will try to honor the wish of the donor. Should the donor wish a charitable deduction, however, we must retain the right to redesignate the funds, if necessary.

Please note: The above information does not constitute legal or tax advice. Specific tax questions are best addressed between you and your tax consultant. 

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